7 Best Bolt Cutters [2021 Reviews]


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Bolt cutters are very useful. A bolt cutter, contrary to its name, does not have to be used only for cutting through bolts; it is a multi-purpose tool that may be utilized in a variety of circumstances. Power tools, on the other hand, are just as fast and need less effort to use. But consider the issue of safety. Power tools are often much too aggressive, and even a little mishap may have severe consequences. Don’t forget that they’re worthless without a source of power. That is why you should get a quality pair of bolt cutters.

Of course, they’re excellent for cutting bolts, as the name suggests. This is a fantastic function for a variety of occasions. The strong jaws, on the other hand, may be used for a range of tasks, including cutting solid core wire, metal shelving, & even steel straps used to hold cargo on pallets. Whatever you want to do with your bolt cutter, make sure you choose one with excellent grips that provide control and leverage. Bolt cutters are also required to make difficult cutting tasks simple.

TEKTON 36 Inch Bolt Cutter | 3421
TEKTON 36 Inch Bolt Cutter | 3421 Drop forged hardened alloy steel jawsCompound cutting action requires less effortTubular steel handles with cushioned non-slip rubber gripsCuts bolts, chain, threaded rod, and more up to 1/2 in. diameterCheck Price Below

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KNIPEX - 71 01 200 Tools - CoBolt Compact Bolt Cutter (7101200), 8-Inch
KNIPEX – 71 01 200 Tools – CoBolt Compact Bolt Cutter (7101200), 8-Inch Precision Grade Performance ToolsThe Number 1 Choice Of Tradesman WorldwideComfortable In Use And Quality Assured DesignFit To Match The Needs In The Shop, At Home Or In The Service FieldEach Tool Is Proven And Tested For Durability And Function In Real World Use And ConditionsCheck Price Below

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WORKPRO W017007A Bolt Cutter, Bi-Material Handle with Soft Rubber Grip, 30', Chrome Molybdenum Steel Blade
WORKPRO W017007A Bolt Cutter, Bi-Material Handle with Soft Rubber Grip, 30″, Chrome Molybdenum Steel Blade Drop forged chrome molybdenum steel and powder coated jaws for sure, efficient cutting and long lifeClassic lever-fulcrum design and precisely aligned blades deliver added leverage with less effortErgonomic bi-material Anti-slip grips provide greater control and comfort in cuttingCutting Capacity: HRC≤42: 25/64-inch(10mm Maximum);HRCIdeal for cutting soft metal, bolts, rods, rivets and chainCheck Price Below

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Neiko 00563A Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter, 36-Inch, Chrome Molybdenum Steel Blade
Neiko 00563A Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter, 36-Inch, Chrome Molybdenum Steel Blade CHROME MOLY STEEL: 36-inch premium Cr-Mo steel jaws cut through harder objects than chrome vanadium steel bolt cuttersDURABLE BLADES: High-frequency, heat treated blades resist damage and dents in tough applicationsMORE POWER, LESS EFFORT: Classic lever-fulcrum design and precisely aligned blades deliver added leverage with less effortERGONOMICAL HANDLES: Angled non-slip plastic, textured grips provide greater control and comfort in cuttingHEAVY DUTY: Cuts the toughest bolts, chains, padlocks, threaded rods, wires and many other metalsCheck Price Below

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Olympia Tools Power Grip Bolt Cutter, 39-14, 42 Inches (39-142)
Olympia Tools Power Grip Bolt Cutter, 39-14, 42 Inches (39-142) BOLT CUTTER: The heat-treated & drop-forged alloy steel jaws are ideal for cutting hard & soft metals with ease. The 42-inch long handles & compound hinges help maximize leverage & cutting force.HIGH QUALITY: Patented folding handles allow bolt cutters to easily fit in a bag. Ergonomic comfort grips and heavy-duty cutting strength. Extra-wide handles significantly reduce pressure on the hands.MADE TO LAST: Our durable and long-lasting tools help you with home, garage & industrial projects. With professional-grade quality, easily repair & fix issues with our tool cabinet essentials.THE RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB: We engineer a range of bolt cutters, clamps, chisels, folding carts, hammers, pliers, saws, screwdrivers, tape measures, utility knives, vises, bolt cutters, saws & wrenches.SUPERIOR INSTRUMENTS: Olympia Tools provides quality & innovative hand & specialty tools, tool accessories & outdoor equipment for construction, woodworking, mechanical maintenance & home repair.Check Price Below

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GreatNeck BC36 36 Inch Bolt Cutters | Cuts Bolt, Nails, Locks, Rivets, Chains, & Wire | 1/2 Inch Jaw Capacity | Forged S2 Steel Construction for Durability & Powerful Cutting Edge | Orange Body
GreatNeck BC36 36 Inch Bolt Cutters | Cuts Bolt, Nails, Locks, Rivets, Chains, & Wire | 1/2 Inch Jaw Capacity | Forged S2 Steel Construction for Durability & Powerful Cutting Edge | Orange Body DURABLE MATERIALS: These wire cutters have forged S2 steel construction for maximum cutting powerCUTS THROUGH ANYTHING: Whether it’s chain, bolts, wires, rods, and more, these cutters can get the job donePROTECTED BY: If something happens to your bolt cutters during normal, everyday use, then it should be covered by the GreatNeck Limited Lifetime warranty. Read the product manual for warranty conditions and restrictionsCOMFORTABLE GRIP: These heavy duty bolt cutters also have a comfortable, ergonomic grip handlesEASY IDENTIFICATION: These rod cutters have a vibrant orange body and the GreatNeck logo for easy identification in your massive tool collectionCheck Price Below

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RIDGID 14228 Model S30 Bolt Cutter, Heavy-Duty Bolt Cutters , 31 in , Red
RIDGID 14228 Model S30 Bolt Cutter, Heavy-Duty Bolt Cutters , 31 in , Red Sturdy hardened alloy steel jaws are designed and manufactured for maximum blade lifeOne-step internal cam mechanism maintains precise blade alignmentHandles and grips are designed to allow greater mechanical advantage for crisp, controlled cuttingFeatures a center cutProvides multiple capacities for different types of soft, medium and hard metalsCheck Price Below

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1. TEKTON Bolt Cutter


Warranty term is excellentIt’s a big bolt cutterCutting capacity is big


Build quality is average

Sebring Tip:

The Tekton 3421 bolt cutter is a good choice for cutting big bolts and chains. With this one, you have a cutting capacity of up to 1/2 inch.

You can easily cut through strong metals with these bolt cutters since they have a 36-inch length and a lot of leverage. While this Tekton bolt cutter comes with a lifetime warranty, the build quality is mediocre compared to other heavy-duty alternatives.

2. KNIPEX Bolt Cutter


Ideal for heavy-duty applicationsExcellent warranty term


Limited leverage

Sebring Tip:

Knipex is a high-end brand of cutting tools and other heavy-duty equipment that may be used for industrial and personal purposes.

Because it is a very powerful bolt cutter, the Knipex 7101200 bolt cutter is ranked second in this article. It’s also a very small bolt cutter, making it perfect for on-the-go usage. Although, when it comes to leverage, the provided 8-inch length isn’t ideal.

3. WORKPRO W017007A Bolt Cutter


Extremely powerful blade made of molybdenum steelCutting capacity rating is decentIdeal for heavy-duty applications


The length could have been a little longer

Sebring Tip:

Workpro is renowned for producing a broad variety of power tools and heavy-duty goods, such as its small bolt cutters, which are fairly strong for most consumers.

The Workpro W017007A bolt cutter is ranked first on our list because it is a good choice for heavy-duty use. It has a cutting capability of up to 15/32 inch thanks to its Molybdenum Steel blade.

4. Neiko Bolt Cutter


Hard metals are easily cutThe blade is made of molybdenum steelIt’s quite a long piece


It’s a little on the bulky side

Sebring Tip:

Because Neiko has been manufacturing mini bolt cutters for a long time, you can anticipate its products to be very robust and long-lasting.

While there are several high-quality bolt cutters on the market, the Molybdenum steel blade on this Neiko 00563A takes it to the next level. With a length of 36 inches, you can anticipate this bolt cutter to be extremely useful for a wide range of applications.

5. Olympia Bolt Cutter


Ideal for heavy-duty applicationsCutting capacity is very great


A little pricey

Sebring Tip:

Olympia Tools, as its name suggests, is mainly a tool and hardware accessory company that features a fantastic set of bolt cutters.

Despite the fact that the Olympia Tools 39-142 bolt cutters are a little on the pricey side, they are still a great set of bolt cutters. This is owing to the fact that this pair of bolt cutters comes with an outstanding size of 42 inches.

6. GreatNeck Bolt Cutters


Ideal for heavy-duty useLong warranty periodQuite big for high leverage


It is not a portable choice

Sebring Tip:

Although GreatNeck is a smaller name than most other bolt cutter manufacturers, their product is still worth considering if you want a very dependable bolt cutter.

When it comes to bolt cutters, there are several high-quality choices available, like this GreatNeck BC36 bolt cutter. However, unlike others, this one does not demand an additional fee for its superior build quality and lifetime guarantee.

7. RIDGID Bolt Cutter


Great build qualityExcellent for long-term useIdeal for use on the go


A bit expensive

Sebring Tip:

Ridgid and its bolt cutters are fairly expensive in comparison to most other types of bolt cutters on the market, but they still offer a fantastic heavy-duty choice.

The Ridgid 14288 bolt cutter is a premium choice with a respectable size of 31 inches that provides a good mix of leverage and mobility. It’s a fantastic heavy-duty choice since it has a cutting capability of 1/2 inch.

advantages Of Bolt Cutters

Quick and to the point. Have you ever had trouble cutting through a rusty or heavy lock? A lock cutter can cut through almost any kind of lock, regardless of how long it’s been hanging on a gate, door, storage container, or other objects. You can swiftly and easily cut through locks, operating fast and effectively with minimal trouble or resistance. They can snap a lock-off in seconds by increasing the strain on it.

It’s very safe to use. Power tools that claim to be able to break locks may put you at grave risk. Although they seem to be strong and quick-working alternatives to bolt cutters, they may be more difficult to manage and less effective. They also have the potential to send components flying or cause errors. Bolt cutters, on the other hand, only cut what they can fit within their jaws. There is no recoil or bounce back and no components that might cut you or injure you in any way.

Removes the need for effort. To use a bolt cutter, you don’t require a lot of physical strength or individual effort. You can break even the toughest locks with only a little arm power and a smooth, quick stroke. The strength of a bolt cutter enables you to achieve more with less effort, making the difficult task of lock cutting simpler and less taxing. Mechanical power and pressure will be on your side.

It does not require any cleaning. If you’ve ever tried to cut a lock with a hand or power tool, you know how dirty the procedure can be. Before the work is officially done, these tools leave behind shavings and a plethora of little bits and pieces to clean up. Bolt cutters, on the other hand, leave no trace. They just break a lock at a certain point, leaving you with nothing but the lock to deal with.

Kinds Of Bolt Cutters


Traditional bolt cutters have all of the design features you’d expect to see. They don’t have any design features that they don’t require, yet they nevertheless get the job done. This category takes up the majority of our list. Even tiny or compact versions fit into this category since they have the same design but are smaller.


Bolt cutters may be difficult to store. Therefore, some versions come with folding handles. To reduce their total length, the handles fold upward onto the jaws. Although they are broader, as a result, they are still small enough to fit in most toolboxes and backpacks. Because the handles are mainly solid materials, the integrity is only minimally compromised. The only exception is a space between them that enables them to fold. Folding bolt cutters are great if you need this functionality.


Bolt cutters with extended handles are available, but none are on our list. For usage in confined areas, the handles may be left at their smallest length since they are considerably simpler to manage in this form. The handles, on the other hand, maybe lengthened to improve the mechanical advantage. The main issue with this design is that they may lack structural strength since the handles are hollow.

Characteristics Of Bolt Cutters

Highly Durable & High-Strength

If you want to purchase the best bolt cutters, make sure you choose a device that is high-strength and designed to last. Bolt cutters depend on force to function properly and efficiently, so if yours can’t take a lot of force or fail when confronted with powerful locks, they won’t be able to fulfill your requirements. From the cutting jaws to the grips, look for a bolt cutter that is constructed of sturdy materials.

Weight And Size

Bolt cutters are available in a variety of sizes and weights. And these two characteristics may make one bolt cutter more suitable for your requirements than others. When it comes to size, the handle length is important to consider. Longer handles (or arms) equal greater leverage. Thus, a bolt cutter with a 24-inch handle will provide more force than one with an 18-inch handle. Bolt cutters with longer handles can cut through tougher materials and metals. The larger and more difficult the locks you’ll be dealing with, the larger your bolt cutter will need to be.

A bolt cutter’s weight also affects its mobility and may affect its force. Bolt cutters that are lightweight are simpler to use and carry with you at all times. For extra-tough locks, however, stronger bolt cutters are the best option. Bolt cutters may weigh as little as two pounds or as much as eight pounds or more.

Opening Of The Jaw

This is a characteristic that you must not overlook. The bolt cutter’s jaw opening has a direct impact on how and what it may be used for. It can only operate on thinner locks if the opening is narrow or tiny. You’ll have greater flexibility if the opening is fairly large. Bolt cutters have a 5/16-inch jaw opening as standard. Anything smaller will work better for cutting wire or thin metal sheets. However, if you’re dealing with extra-tough locks, you may need a bigger opening.

Other Things to Think About

Grips that are easy to hold. The design of the grip is critical to the operation. Because you’ll be applying a lot of force, you’ll want something that’s both comfortable in your palm and easy to grasp onto. While it shouldn’t be the primary consideration when choosing a bolt cutter, it is something to keep in mind.

Design that can be folded. If you must carry bolt cutters in a tool bag, you should get a set made specifically for that purpose. This is particularly true if you anticipate the need for longer handles to gain a mechanical advantage. Because this isn’t a common design element, you’ll have to look for sets that include it explicitly.

Blade that can be adjusted. The blade of most bolt cutters may be adjusted. You may fine-tune performance by setting the appropriate cutting depth with this adjustment. This modification may be done in a variety of ways, so pay attention to how it’s done. You want to make sure the process is both simple to use and produces consistent outcomes.

Angle or Cutting Style. If you believe that all bolt cutters cut the same way, it’s time to take a closer look at the ones you’re considering purchasing. Various cut styles, or angles, are used by bolt cutters, resulting in different end outcomes. Bolt cutters come in angled, shear, clipper, and center cut styles. Each of these cuts has an impact on how your bolt cutter is positioned, how much pressure is given to one spot, and how the jaws open.

Hydraulic or hand-powered options are available. The majority of bolt cutters are driven only by the force exerted by the user via the handles. You may, however, use a hydraulic bolt cutter if you want. A hydraulic piston drives the cutting blades of these tools, which are powered by a motor. The blades are moved with greater force by the piston, which is more than hand- and handle-operated bolt cutters can provide. If you’re attempting to cut through thicker locks, hydraulic bolt cutters come in handy.


The TEKTON Bolt Cutter is the clear winner.

The compound hinge delivery mechanism drives the drop-forged and hardened alloy steel jaws, which produce a powerful punch.

While there is no exact poundage information on these cutters, the results speak for themselves.

The cutting head carries almost all of the weight, and you’ll find yourself cutting through a variety of heavy-duty materials with hardly a squeak from the Tektons.

Furthermore, under pressure, the robust, high-leverage tubular steel handles will not twist or yield.

The degree of comfort is just what you’d expect. The soft rubber grips provide excellent control and are comfortable to hold.

The jaws are also interchangeable and adjustable.

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